Activities Ubiquitous Digital Fashion Design Contest
Introduction The 2014 UDFD Contest History  
  This contest is to promote professional manpower in accordance with the creation of new markets through the fusion of
IT and fashion, personalization and the development of personal media. That means finding creative and competent
talent and at the same time expanding the base of digital fashion technology so that the foundation of industry/university
/research is established.
Screening Criteria
- Originality : The design ability screening based on creating design and originating ideas.
- Ability to produce digital works : Digital content is produced (an orientation will be given) using 3D digital clothes-making tools, and the digital work production ability is evaluated as it is connected with the future online tailor-made customer
order system as well as the magic mirror of offline shops.
  The time will be announced in April and the application will start in the beginning of June.
How to apply
- Application form : Application form can be downloaded from the reference section on homepage of the Korean Society
for Clothing Industry (
- Submission for initial screening : Application form with about four A4 pages of explanation on design suggestion.
- Submission for second screening : Those who have passed the initial screening can submit actual work or digital